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Welcome to GEMills Computer Services!!!

A short message from Gerry:
Here you will find information on updates pertaining to the site as well as various news topics. You will also find a list of services that I offer and some more information about them. There is also a links page offering help and other computer references on the net. Lastly and most importantly you will find more information on how to contact me. Feel free to browse the site and to contact me for any questions you might have. Thanks for visiting and check back often for more news and updates!


‡ NOTE: ‡
This site is still in a stage of development, please over-look any unfinished content.


‡ 10.10.2012 ‡
Updates are on hold for a while. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact me either by phone or email and I will respond as soon as possible. Thanks for stopping by!




‡ 09.08.2011 ‡
Made some changes to the width of the site. Added more content. Updates are progressing slowly, please bare with me.


‡ 04.01.2010 ‡
Happy Fool's Day! Remodeled the look of the site.


‡ 02.20.2010 ‡
A new page has been added (How To's) and will have new content soon!


‡ 02.19.2010 ‡
A basic Service Estimator window has been added to the Services page. Working on some new updates!


‡ 02.10.2010 ‡
A new navigation bar has been added. The look and feel of the top bar has been changed as well.


‡ 01.10.2010 ‡
New site is up and running, please check back for more updates!